Friday, February 10, 2012

Random updates on life :)

life is busy but good.

we are both going to school at BYU full time right now and brayd is on the track team and I am working part time. I have been at Nuskin working at nights from 4-10 pm but I never see braydon and its too much work for me with school right now, so I just quit this job and got a new one!

Im not sure yet if this new job is the right job for me... meet janitor Nicole :) pahaha funny i know. it has its ups and downs the major down being...

My alarm clock going off at 4:00 in the morning. The thought of this kinda makes me want to cry. but I just jump out of bed and try to run out the door before I can think about what the Heck I am doing! & then im done by 8 am.

Honestly its pretty nice being done so early in the morning and I am learning I like waking up early, but its the worst feeling falling asleep in my classes... so hopefully I get adjusted to this early thing soon!

Braydon has been gone every weekend since Jan, and im not going to lie to you. IT SUCKS. a lot. I mean its cool he is on the track team and all but EVERY WEEKEND! sheesh. I feel like a widow. he usually leaves on thursday-saturday night. But sometimes he has to leave Wed...

he has gotten to go to a lot of cool places already though, new mexico, colorado and last weekend it was New York! so its not all bad, at least for him. :)

Here is his cute Track picture, I thought I'd share. He is officially on the team! im so proud :)

My favorite class I am taking right now is Floral Design! cool huh! I LOVE IT!!!! my teacher is the best and we get to see so many pretty flowers and make pretty things :) check out my first creation... the flowers are so pretty its hard to mess up.

well thats enough jib jab for now! xoxoxo!

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