Wednesday, June 6, 2012

track star

I dunno if you know this, but my husband is an amazing athlete! :) This is his first year pole-vaulting in college, and he made it to Regionals and barely missed making it to Nationals!!! The season started off a little rocky, with the rib injury and all, (his coach didnt even think he would be competing at all this year.) BUT come January when the meets started, even though he missed all of pre-season work out to get back into shape he was still right up there vaulting with the other guys! His season best was 17' which qualified him for regionals. He loves being on the BYU track team, He has met so many good friends, gets Lots of Nike Gear, new shoes and spikes all the time, free chocolate milk and other snacks, gets to travel all over the US. California, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, New York,.. Ect. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity he has, and he knows it. He is enjoying every moment!

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