Wednesday, January 23, 2013


well things have been pretty busy around here with school & track now in full swing! I wish I would have documented more of my "track journey" because it is kind of funny to look back on now but I am going to just give you the run down now. :) So backing up to last year about this time, we were having fun going to all of Braydons track meets and watching him vault. I couldn't help but notice (and either could braydon and my dad) the women's 400, which was the event I ran in high school. My dad would say, "You really should try out!" and I would say..."Ha, I wish." Lets be real I had been graduated from high school for Forever (4 years) and even if I really wanted to I really doubted I could get back into shape and run even faster than I had before. Anyways later that summer after the track season had ended Braydon mentioned a few times that he really thought I should just TRY to get back in sprinting shape and just SEE how fast I could run and if it was decent I should try out. Ill be honest the idea did get me a little excited but I hated it at the same time. I knew if I tried out, and I possible did make the team that I would be the worst one. & that didn't sound fun. But my curiosity got the best of me and I figured, Hey if i do make it I can always quit... but that would just be cool to say I made the team:). So we went to the track in the mornings before work in the 95' weather and ran. I felt so uncoordinated at first and SLOW! My muscles were just not as quick to respond as I remembered in high school. Braydon taught me some drills and techniques to get me back to where I needed to be and I did them every day for about 2 months. It was fun to be on the track again and I could feel it getting easier...
Well try outs were September 10th which came super fast! It was scary at first being the new girl and the girl who was trying out. They all had their BYU issued clothing on and I was wearing mismatched t shirts and shorts. I just tried my best and what really saved me was the 50 second drill. The first day we had to run around the track as far as we could in 50 seconds. It was hard. But I ended up getting one of the furthest marks (it was a miracle!). Now It is Jan and our Season is in full swing! :) it has been such a blessing to be able to be on the Track team at BYU and an experience that I know I will always be grateful for! So far we have been to Boise and Albuquerque for meets and there has been family at both of them supporting us! We are so lucky to have such awesome family :) This week I am going to Seattle and Braydon is off to Colorado. pictures to come soon.... :)

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