Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rewind Summer 2013

were going to rewind a bit and I'm going to do a little update on this last summer selling out in Bakersfield. Because it was such a great experience and we don't want to forget it! :)

 We didn't get a gym membership until the last month, so to improvise we worked out every night after braydon got back from selling all day at 10:30 pm. To say the least it was super fun.

                                         Doing some pole-vault drills off the light pole, haha

                                                                    are we done yet? 

   One morning we went to the track. it was fun but it was all
                                             dirt and kinda sketchy dodging gopher holes. 

4th of July! :)

 Definitely took advantage of the pool! 

We met a really awesome family in our ward that had a boat and invited us all the time and even put Braydon and Butch on the boat insurance so we could take it out! Say what!?! it was a blast! 

Only downside was waking up at 5am to go:/ 
as you can see I just rolled out of bed! 

Our fun group! 

 All summer I had been wanting to go to the Sequoia National Park and one of the last weekends living out there we finally went and were so happy we did! It was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun 
exploring together :)

& that is a little bit of our summer 2013

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  1. That family was very blessed to have met you both. We miss you.