Wednesday, May 14, 2014

28 weeks and 31 weeks!

Sometimes I feel like my belly isnt really chaining so it is fun to see that it really did get bigger in these 3 weeks! 

How Far Along?: 31 weeks

Weight Gain: Im not sure.. Im guessing like 15-17?? I will know for sure in a few days at my apt!

Symptoms: I have been getting some heartburn, which I never have really had before. Leg cramps :/ and I have all the sudden been starting to feel more tired again lately.

Movement: Oh Yes! I can tell she is getting a lot bigger and stronger. There is always movement going on and I can feel it from all sides and angles at the same time! it really is a cool feeling. lately she has been liking to rest her hands or feet or elbows, I dont really know what, under my ribs which is not the comfiest.. but I still think its kinda cute :) I probably wont start thinking that soon though because I am starting to get sore ribs :/

Food Cravings: swedish fish and rootbeer. But still nothing extreme. those 2 things have just been sounding so yummy to me the last few weeks

Food Aversions: none

Sleep: not so great but every now and then I sleep awesome! I have to have my body pillow and lots of cushion underneath!

Stretch Marks: nope

Miss Anything?: being able to bend over comfortably, and RUNNING! I have accepted that I cannot run comfortably anymore. Way too uncomfortable

Looking Forward to?: Our 34 week ultrasound!!

Belly Button in or out?: mostly in, but a tiny bit out

Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy!

New baby items?: Lots of new fun stuff thanks to my baby shower and my awesome family and friends! :)

Exercise: This has been going well. Normal routine, 20-30 min elliptical, and 20ish minutes of weights. and then I have no energy left.

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