Monday, February 2, 2015

7 months old

Dear Mae, 

You are almost 7 months old! Where is the time going!? Days and weeks are going by way too fast! It is so fun to see you learn and grow and change but it is sad that my baby is growing up and changing every single day! Words cannot describe how much I love you little one. Me and your dad had no idea the amount of love and joy you would bring into our lives. You brighten up every single day and make every moment that much more fun. It doesn't matter what we're doing, if your there it's a wonderful time :) 

You have mastered the roll and can roll over like no big deal. When something gets in your way though (like the couch or coffee table) you get pretty distressed, it's cute. You yell and yell until we come save you. You can sit up pretty good too but if you start laughing too much or get too excited, you may fall over! You love grabbing anything your hands can reach. Your favorites are jewelry, strings from jackets and sweatshirts, my hair, and anything else that's new and interesting:) you are trying to master your crawl, and you got up on your hands and knees today (so cute!) your head was down and you looked like you kind of couldn't believe what was happening, you are so cute. 

We love how happy you are. We get a great big smile whenever we smile and talk to you, it really is the best. 

How are we so lucky to be your parents. We love you so much Mae. Thank you for being our sweet baby girl. We are so blessed to have a daughter like you. Xoxoxoxox 

Mom and Dad 


  1. I told you!!!! Being a mommy is THE BEST!!!!

  2. Such a sweet letter! Cute pictures, such an example of an amazing mother, xoxo!