Sunday, December 5, 2010


Its true! it finally happened and im soo excited! Feb 11th couldnt come fast enough! We got engaged on Oct 2nd! Here is a journal entry from the day after...

folks. it happened...I AM ENGAGED!!! :) :) :) i cant believe it either. its sooo amazing and so surreal to me! I cant wait to be married to Braydon. It is going to be so wonderful and so much fun! He proposed last night at our place in Park City. I was NOT expecting it at all! I was so surprised, which i loved haha. we were downstairs cuddling/talking on the couch and I remembered a funny story my mom told me earlier that day.. it went like this... colton: "mom i really want nic and braydon to get married!" my mom: "haha why is that?" colton: "well because then i could play with braydon all the time!" My mom: "haha honey i think if they were to get married you would probably see them less.... " colton: "....oh:/. Never mind then, that wouldnt be fun!".... this then led us to a little conversation about marriage (just as planned:) haha) we were just lightly talking about it and i noticed Braydon started getting REALLY nervouse. like his heart was POUNDING in his chest and he looked so scared, i was like...  braydon whats wrong??? why are you getting so nervous, we can stop talking about this haha. and he kinda smiled and leaned over to kiss me, (score..!) and he grabbed my left hand and was kinda playing with it and slowly slipped a ring on my finger! :) we kept kissing for a sec then i was like omg! is this real? like are you really doing this? your not just messing with me??? .... i really couldnt decide. I thought it was his ctr ring and he was just messing around, (at this point i hadnt even looked at the ring yet) so i looked and sure enough it was a wedding ring!!!!!!! he said... i wouldnt joke about this :). and i could tell he was being serious. and then he said... nicole........ will. you. marry. me? I was so in shock ,i took a few seconds to respond, YES! i would love to! :) yayayayayayayayayayayayay!

i am so happy right now.
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  1. i am so happy too! this is how it was ALWAYS suppose to be, you two were meant for eachother!!!!