Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas concert

Today is sunday, i didnt go to church. but i dont feel like i missed out, instead me and kelsey krista and my mom drove down to slc to go to the annual christmas concert in the conference center and it was soooo amazing!

on the way down i will admit i was kinda having a bad attitude when i heard that the tabernacle choir was going to be a large part of this concert......... im not gonna lie thier music kinda bores me. (well thats what i thought) so i was pretty surprised when the concert ended and i found myself thinking, "wow.... that was quick.... i think i may have really enjoyed that"

It was a lot of fun and the performance was beautiful they put so much time and effort into it and it showed. I love christmas time and all the fun things that come along with it, i love music and the power that it has. It can touch you like nothing else, if you let it...

Im so greatful for music and my family and my fiance Braydon, and for this christmas season, the gospel and how happy it makes me :) I truely am sooo blessed.

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