Friday, August 10, 2012

California update summer 2012

I cant believe how fast time has gone out here! we have been out in southern california selling since June 4th and it has flown by! we only have 1 week left! Here are a few of the fun things we have been able to do out here :) We went to a Dodgers game, it was actually "mormon night" and Uchtdorf was there and he threw the first pitch! :) the dodgers lost terribly... but it was a fun experience!
As a team we got to go ride go carts, play mini golf and try the batting cages
The LA temple is so pretty (but aren't they all?!) and soo big! After the temple we went to an ice cream/cookie shop in LA that is so amazing! Its called Diddy Reise, & we love it! Im pretty sure I could eat one everyday. My favorite was simple, chocolate chip cookies with cookies n cream. YUM! (im serious, its not just an ice cream cookie sandwich... don't let the picture fool you.)
Our favorite beach that we have found down here is in Malibu, its called Zuma beach and it is so pretty and clean and each time we have gone there we have seen dolphins! This is Braydon body boarding at the beach :)
Around the End of July we were lucky enough to be able to take a week off to drive up to cascade idaho and spend some time with the Bringhurst family! :) it was an awful drive but a very fun week! We left late friday night around 8 and didnt get to cascade until saturday around 4 pm. looooooongest hottest drive ever. (we have no ac) but we survived! and it was worth it! They have a cabin up there so we got to stay 2 min from the lake and just got to chill for a few days. we had campfires, roasted yummy treats, swam, wake boarded, rode the four-wheelers, played on the beach, rode jet skis, did the zipline, ate lots of delicious food, and relaxed.. scratch the relax part haha with Braydon for a husband, we were always doing something... i forgot to mention our 16 mile bike ride and my "run" to try and squeeze a workout in, pulling him on the jetski wake skating and staying up wayyy too late, every night. :)
After Cascade on the way home we stopped in Park City and got to make a quick trip to Flaming Gorge with part of my family and grandparents. it was a lot of fun and we got some good wakeboarding/wakeskating in! we cant wait to go back in a few weeks!:)
Braydon and Krista talked Colton into jumping in if they all did it together...
But colton had other plans... haha I dont know how he got out of both of their hands!
Dont worry though, he ended up going in anyways :)
This last week Krista got to come and stay with us and it was so much fun having her! I dont know if she had a lot of fun but i did! :) I brought her on the doors a little bit selling with me, but for some reason she was a bigger distraction than I thought and I didnt prove to be a very good salesman with a partner. :/ (I promise I dont always suck that bad Krista) Dont worry though, thats not all we did with her, we got to go see some of our family here in valencia, did a little shopping, watched some olympics, went to the pool, and then kelsey and troy came down too for a couple days! We went to six flags, the beach, santa monica pier for dinner.. ate some crab, went to diddy reise and hollywood!
and there you have it... a small glimpse into our summer :)

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