Sunday, September 30, 2012

life has been crazy! crazy busy, but good. let me give you a little update because I haven't blogged in a while! surprising? no... back in august right before school started and after we finished selling we were lucky enough to go up to Seattle and visit with steve and angie and everyone else was there too!(except for jared :(...It was so much fun! They had a big family bbq for work and we got to play on the big blow up slide and had so much fun having races and competitions :) There is also a blueberry farm right next door to their house, and boy do i love blueberries! :) i was so happy. & I ate so many. and then we made blueberry shakes.YUM
we also got to go downtown and steve and angie took us to the crab pot. IT WAS AMAZING!! thanks again! :) i loved it.
Braydon won a sean white board. he was a happy boy. :)
A couple of weeks ago, we finally went to the temple for the first time in 2 months.. :/ it was so nice. the flowers were beautiful & of course so was the Temple... and this boy was/is handsome :)
Every time i leave the temple i wonder why i don't go more often. On September 18th, I turned 24. yayyy! (i am starting to already be sad to get older.. :( seriously i dont want to grow up!) but brayd and all my family made it so fun! Thanks again everyone for the gifts. they meant a lot! :) my family invited us up to park city for dinner and cake a presents the day before my birthday. They made the most yummy meal ever and they were way to nice and i was overwhelmed by their kindness. I have the best family ever. and i love them so stinking much.
on my birthday me and brayd had class until 7 so after we went to texas roadhouse so i could stuff my face with rolls and honey butter. and then we went to MeCrepes and ordered a biscoff crepe! sooo good! we felt so sick after.
School is keeping us very busy. We are both going full time and doing track... i dont know how this happened but i was talked into trying out for the track team at byu and by some miracle i made it through the first cut! :) soo i have been training with the girls and gettin my booty into shape! i have no idea where this will go.. maybe i will be cut in december or maybe i will somehow make it through and get to compete. never know, but for right now i am trying to enjoy it, & whatever happens i will be fine with :) well until next time... xoxoxo!

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