Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am not quite ready for winter, and wish that fall would last forever...okay maybe not forever but at least a little longer! please. I love the pretty colors and anticipation of the holidays coming up, school breaks and getting together with family. I love wearing boots and sweaters and cuddling in blankets. I love that fall gives you yet another excuse to bake yummy treats (not that i really need one). I am so greatful for the changing seasons... how beautiful is this earth! I love that the changing seasons give us an excuse to appreciate the beauty of life and death as the earth blossoms and dies right before your eyes. both are beautiful:) Anyways, we went to the park last sunday to try to soak up a little more of this wonderful fall weather and played some football & took some silly pics. Also, Krista turned 19! where is the time going! she is turning into such a beautiful young women and I am proud to be her older sister. She is such a fun girl and such a good little nanny. She is going to be the greatest mom ever. We are so lucky to have Krista in our family! Thanks for being such an awesome little sister. I love you! (she was begging to go to the nicklecade for her birthday, so she insisted on eating cake first and opening presents, going to texas road house 'real quick' for dinner and then finishing the night at the arcade. we had so much fun! Krista and Braydon dominated the games and ended up with So many tickets. Of course they turned them all in for candy. duh.)

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