Saturday, May 11, 2013

Georgia Tech Invitational

Today is (most likely) my last track meet!:/ Unless we qualify for regionals in the 4x4 which we MIGHT!:) I have been beyond grateful to run track for BYU. I often look back and wonder how it all happened and how the heck I even made the team, & how has this year gone by so quickly?!?! It has definitely been one of my favorite semesters in college thus far. I run the 400 at 2:50 today... I am both excited and so nervous! The main reason I am nervous is not for any competition but just the fact that for myself I want to do the best that I can. & its freaking hard to push your body to the max the whole time your running a 400 and it hurts but its all worth it when you cross the finish and you have yourself a new PR. its seriously the best feeling! All of your hard work is paying off.. and thats how I want to feel today. We run the 4x4 at 5:50. If we all run our best we have a chance at qualifying for regionals meaning my track career isnt over! haha I would have 2 more weeks... so I HOPE WE DO GOOD!!! But in the end, however today goes I am just going to try to enjoy it because what an amazing opportunity I have to compete in track again and with such a great team! I love the team I am a part of and my amazing coaches that push me every day! I know that these are some amazing memories that I will never forget! :) *lots of track pictures and past updates on track to come!*

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