Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Wonderful Grandpa

A few mondays ago we were at the store when I got a call from my dad that my grandpa had passed away that day :/ Of course I immediately started bawling. I will miss him. My Dad and family will miss him. My sweet Grandma will miss him. He was such a light in all of our lives. A man with a testimony that was unmovable, A man who lived by example, one that never strayed from what he knew was right. A man who honored his family and adored his wife. One who always lived worthy of the spirit and fulfilled all callings he was given above and beyond any expectations. He loved to serve and was always looking for opportunities to do so. He was funny and he always made me laugh. He was humble, smart, hardworking, witty, kind, understanding, honest, lovable and SO much more! And the best part of all of this is, HE STILL IS. I know that my grandpa is still living, but in a much happier place. He doesn't have to deal with his earthy body any more and the temptations and fears and worries that plague this earth. He is home. He is reuniting with loved ones. Most importantly I know he has not forgotten about us. Especially my grandma :) He did not and will not ever leave her alone. He loves her SO much and I have known that all of my life. Their marriage is something that I can only dream of having one like. It was a special day to honor the life of such a great man & I feel extremely lucky to call him my Grandpa! I love you!
My Grandma had the wonderful idea to build a Memorial Garden for my Grandpa :) It turned out so cute, and I know my grandpa loves it.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Nicole. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings about your grandpa. Your words were so sweet and sincere, you can just fell how much you love him, and how much he meant to you. He sounds like an amazing man. What a great idea for "grandpas garden", it is lovely.