Saturday, February 15, 2014

Were Pregnant!!!

It still doesn't seem 100% real! We found out when I was only a little over 4 weeks along, I told Braydon that I had been late by a few days and thats weird for me & most likely I wasn't pregnant but I just had to make sure so that I could stop thinking about it! so that all of the sudden made him concerned so we bought a test right then, I drank a bunch of gatorade and took it. I looked at the test... and nothing. just like i expected. I showed it to Braydon, "see its nothing" and he looked closer, "Nooo i think i can see a really faint line..." I was thinking no im sure its just the lighting or the fact that now its been about 5 minutes. But he was sure it was and all day long he kept yelling "MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!" as we were biking through Moab...  haha great....

I really didn't think I was pregnant and kinda forgot about it until later that night when I was thinking, maybe I am.. maybe the fact that I had just drank so much right before made it not work right. So in the morning we took another one. We both looked at it together and sure enough, PREGNANT! neither of us really knew what to say except for 'oh my gosh, really? are you sure? no way! and hug and smile and we were excited but really nervous!

Here is a pic of me at 8 weeks:) Not showing at all haha

and then a few weeks later we got to go to the Dr's Office and get it confirmed! 

This was so incredible to hear the heart beat and think WOW this is real!!!!!

A few weeks later.... 

We are SO excited!!! :)

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