Saturday, February 15, 2014

Were Having a Baby GIRL!!!

We couldn't be more excited to have a little girl!!! She is going to be so much fun! and I know Braydon will be the best daddy ever to her! Im so excited to see how he is with her because I know it will be the cutest thing ever! 
It is so fun to finally know the gender and makes it seem even more real now! I cant wait to start shopping and buying cute little girl things! 

Here are a few of her first of many pictures :)

18 weeks and 1 day
      Her cute little foot... 

Such a lady... her legs are crossed :)

I love the side profile!

Here is a pic of one week earlier, starting to show a little more!


  1. Beautiful! She is going to be just as beautiful as her Momma!! and you are right, Braydon is going to be soooo cute with her! You think you love him now? You just wait, There is nothing more sexy than watching your husband be a sweet-loving daddy to his kids:) I love you guys!! and I love your picture announcing she is a girl!!

  2. So so so happy about this!!! It's so exciting, you are going to be such a fun sexy mamma! Sounds silly but seems like just yesterday we were runnin around our backyards with no cares in the world, then USU, then Thailand and now you are having a babe! 'Im dying to meet her, she will be just beautiful! Sending well wishes for a healthy smooth pregnancy! Can it be summer yet?!