Saturday, July 26, 2014

1 month old

No way do I have a 1 month old! Its not possible! I cant believe how quickly the time is going by! 

Friday July 25, 2014

Today you are 4 weeks old and Im not going to lie, mommy is pretty tired! You have been a good baby but a hungry one and so you wake up a lot at night to eat. In between eating I wake up a lot to your little grunts, snorts and whimpers. You even make a noise that sounds like a little goat, its cute. Daddy is so in love with you, and always talks about how cute and precious you are. He loves to kiss you all over and especially loves when you stare at him really close with your bobbly little head and big eyes. It really is cute and makes us laugh. You still don’t like your baths, but daddy has been so good at giving them to you. You scream your head off while your being washed but as soon as your snuggled in a towel you calm right down.  We hope you will start to like your baths soon, because right now they are pretty traumatic. Today you had your first blowout.. yay! haha It was messy! You didn’t seem to mind that your diaper exploded all up your back and actually seemed quite content after going to the bathroom We love you so much Mae! You are sleeping right now and I am about to go wake you up to change your diaper and feed you. Love you sweet baby girl! You are so beautiful and make us so happy. Today I was realizing when I put you down for a nap how I started to miss you haha. I feel myself get more attached to you every day. It’s a great feeling. You are definitely loved. 


  1. So glad you are blogging! She is beautiful, sending sleeping vibes her way :))

  2. hahahahahaha..just wait till she has a blowout at church and you forgot extra clothes. I did that with one of my babies and all they wore the rest of church was a diaper & they were wrapped in a blanket. There was no explanation needed, everyone just smiled and knew exactly why he was dressed like that...haha:)
    as for missing your baby once they are asleep, I did that all the time and just wanted to wake them up to kiss them, but after doing that a few times and getting a CRANKY instead of a sweet-happy-snuggly baby I realized it wasn't worth it...haha:) oh, the things you learn. :) You are a great momma with a beautiful baby girl!!! i just LOVE her!