Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Mae- Aug 19th

11am- You are such a sweet baby & me and your dad are so grateful to be your parents! you bring such a sweet spirit into our home and we love it! We love you so much and every day i swear i love you more!  When you are in pain and crying it just breaks my heart and I can already tell this whole motherhood thing is going to be a roller coaster of emotions, in a good way. In a wanting you to always be safe, healthy and happy sort of way...

9 hours later... (It seems that every time I start a blog post about how great things are going and how happy Mae has been, the rest of the day goes quite differently...)

Today has been a busy day. Busy meaning you constantly wanted to be held and rocked & You have not been very happy :/ I think you have a tummy ache or reflux or something because every time you eat your fussy after for a loooong time, and sometimes cry. and you just seem sad. :( You finally fell asleep and are in your crib, I hope you sleep for longer than 40 minutes and maybe this can even be your bedtime for the night! :) I like that idea. I am tired. and I have a headache. But it sure is amazing how quickly I forget about how tiring some days are as soon as you smile and are happy. It immediately makes me feel like the "hard" days really aren't too hard.

We love you Mae! Please sleep soundly and wake up a happy happy girl! :)

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  1. Hang in there, mommy!! You are awesome! I wish I could be there with you & her, and give you both lots of hugs!!