Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun weekend! 11 more days!!!

Its officially 11 days away... We are getting MARRIED in 11 days! I can hardly believe it. It really does not seem real... Wedding plans are starting to really come together & I am getting so excited! I still feel like there are a lot of little details to take care of but I am having fun putting it all together & I cant wait to see it all finished!

This past weekend was so wonderful! Braydon finally got to come down and visit! It had been 3 weeks, and I know that doesnt sound very long but trust me it feels like forever! It was so great being able to just hang out with him and my family for a couple of days and not think about anything else. Wedding plans and shopping were not on my mind and we just hung out. :)

-Marriage Liscense (check)
-Lunch at Red Robin (check)
-Register at Bed Bath and Beyond (check) (half check)
-Drive 1000 miles (check)
-Avoid a car crash by about..... 10 ft (check)
-Bowling and nachos (check)
-Beat Braydon in bowling (check) haha jk. :)
-Visit Ty & Q (check)
-Stay up way too late (check) but love every second of it ((double check))

-Sleep in (check)
-Mcdonalds breakfast at 10:55 (check) stomach ache (check)
-Do nothing all day and somehow still have so much fun :) (check)
-4:30 record videos... (check) barely.
-Play Quirkle with fam, while Brayd finishes up our wedding video (check) Thanks babe:)
-Caramel Apple gooey delicouse mess (check) yumyum!
-Late night #2 (check) (& still feeling the effects haha check!)

I had so much fun this weekend! Thanks so much for making that looooong boring drive even tho you have to do it 2 more times in the next 2 weeks.
I love you!

& I cant wait for the next few weeks.

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