Saturday, March 12, 2011

officially the worst blogger ever! & thoughts from my head :)

I have clearly come to the conclusion that I am officially the worst blogger EVER! its horrible. Lately so many wonderful things have happened and it would only make sense to document them so that I can remember them forever. So once again it looks like I will be playing catch-up! :) 

Here they come.. all in the same day  :) ha!

Better late than never right???

Feb 10th 2011- (the day before the wedding)

"I am getting married tomorrow..... tomorrow. as in less than 24 hours away...AHHH I am soo excited! I cant believe it is finally here! I cant wait. I hope I can sleep tonight... I need that beauty rest bad. I cant wait for this week to start, temple, luncheon, reception, wedding night;), cruise & california! .............. is everything ready? is everything put together for the reception? I need to pack! I need to get everything for the reception loaded into the car. why is my face breaking out? why now? why ever. My hair better cooperate tomorrow! ya know what, it never really does... im not even going to worry about it. The natural look is in anyway right?... I need socks! I have to wear low profile socks with my vans! & I only have one pair... I cant wear 1 pair 2 days in a row, sick. Kelsey will you please pick me up some socks. and_____.... and____..... Thanks so much!!! Mom we need flowers! when are we making the boutonnieres??? They need boutonnieres. calm down Nicole, everything will work out... (uh huh) (just enjoy the day and everything about it). Okay okay Im trying. I cant believe I am moving out this time for real... what a weird feeling. I am going to miss my family sooooo much! They are so amazing and so much fun to be around... but I will be living with Braydon... Hmm that doesnt sound so bad. mmm Braydon. I LOVE THAT BOY! & I get to MARRY him tomorrow. We are finally going to get married. can you believe it!!?!?! After 6 years. Its about time! And its going down tomorrow! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!"

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  1. yipee! i found your new blog! i love it and i love you! i am so happy you are in our family FOREVER now:) keep updating your blog cuz i love reading it:)