Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July!!!

Happy late 4th of July everyone:)
This year was a little different for me and Braydon,
we got to work... but at least we spent the day together! :)

We were happy when we found out it was a short work day and took off immediately to Livermore to the rope swings!
When we finally found the right spot, we found out that the rope swing was a very good hike away and was trespassing. So we decided to give the "pillars" a try. (some boys sitting on the picnic table directed us on where to go) & to our surprise they were soooo much fun! 

as you can see brayd loved it! 
We had a ton of fun and hopefully we can go back soon!

its so hot here so any chance to get in the lake is one we will not miss! :)

later that night we rode our bikes down to the fireworks and met up with some friends for a bit and then went to the park and watched the show! 

Here are some sweet pictures, braydon took. He is getting good at this camera.

I love this time of year! I am so grateful for the freedom that we have the chance we have to live in this wonderful country!!! we are so blessed!

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