Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day

What a great day! A day to reflect on your dad :) I find myself doing this often. My Dad is the best....


Thanks for being so Awesome.

you are...

Fun: I know I can count on you to go do pretty much anything with me

Adventurous:  You Enjoy new things & Exploring. I miss our horseback riding trips and being in the mountains with you. We need to do that SOON.

Brave: I swear nothing scares you.

Hard working: ever since I was little I have recognized how hard you work in everything. You push your self so hard. In Business, The Ranch, Running, Everything.

Funny: You are always making us all laugh, hahaha just thinking about the things you say right now I am smiling:)

Patient: I have very few memories of you getting mad at me, when I was little and even now. That says a lot! 

Understanding: You don't judge others and you always try to see things from a different light.

Trustworthy: I trust you with anything. & I know many other people do to.

Honest: You are 100% honest in everything that you do! Not many people can say that. 

I could not ask for a better example. You truly are all of those things and more. You are so wonderful and I love you so much! :) I try to be like you, hopefully some day I can!

I love you!!

Happy Fathers Day Dad! :)

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  1. What a great salute to your Dad, Nicole. I agree, he's a special guy. good husband and Dad, and a great son in law.

    Love the photos.