Saturday, June 22, 2013

BYU Track Experience & Pics with Braydon :)

What an amazing experience this has been to be able to be on the Track team at BYU with Braydon and all of the other amazing friends I have met and the great coaches that have helped me along the way! I am Sooooooooo grateful for the experiences I had and I loved every second of it! Yes even every single second of painful practice, being nervous, setting up my blocks, traveling, seeing new places, long days at the airport, sore muscles, painful rub outs, knots in my muscles, snack shack, Nike clothes, my own locker, showering 3 times a day, new shoes, feeling fast again, getting stronger, pushing myself every single day, pain, seeing progress in myself, running drills, abs, weights, sprints, nearly puking, shin splints, yummy dinners traveling, per dium, nice hotels, and a TON more! I LOVED IT ALL!!!!!

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  1. great pictures!! and what a great experience that the two of you get to have with each other!