Saturday, June 22, 2013

MT Sac Relays & Long Beach State Meet

This was one of my favorite and also most painful track meets....This was a fun meet because not very many athletes went but both me and Braydon got to go! :) I was so excited my parents and colton came to watch us... and my dad was excited too, because I ran the 800! I was suppose to do it both friday and Saturday but after not training for it and just giving it a try friday for the 2nd time in my life, I tanked! & it was sooo painful and I couldnt stop coughing all day!

So after my race my coach said, good job but we wont be running that race anymore! Good for me, sad for my dad and coach... they both say that I would be a better 800 than 400. I think they are right, if I had been training!

The weekend ended well tho when I ran my PR at that time on Saturday in the 400! :) :) :) best feeling!

That night Braydon had to fly home so me and my family went to the Getty Museum in LA and Diddy Riese! YUM!

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