Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 21 update!

How Far Along?: 21 weeks and 3 days!:)

Weight Gain: not exactly sure... probably 8-9 lbs

Symptoms: I am starting to get pain in my left lower back/hip like shooting pain down my leg.. hope that doesn't last! And when I run or walk fast I get round ligament pain in my front right :/ Mostly when I try to walk or job downhill.

Movement: Yes I feel her move every day! And Braydon even felt her move once too! I can feel her from the inside and out! :) its so cool!

Food Cravings: Honey nut chex!

Food Aversions: not really

Sleep: depends on the night

Stretch Marks: nope!

Miss Anything?: my pants fitting :(

Looking Forward to?: More movement! and spring!

Belly Button in or out?: in but it looks kinda weird already. its like a straight horizontal line.

Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy!

New baby items?: Finally yes! I bought some clothes:)

Exercise: I have been horrible lately... tomorrow I will! ;)

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