Saturday, April 9, 2011

as of Lately...

Braydon has been so busy lately with school full time and coaching track at the high school, Track meets two nights a week, studying, and homework…

Nicole is working on finding a job! And is getting really sad because no one in the whole city of Boise wants her. This is true. She is not giving up though and knows she will find one soonJ
While she is not working she has been staying busy with cleaning, laundry, running a little, cooking a little, working with Steve and Angie a few days (thankyou!) a little babysitting, helping Braydon with his homework when he asks J, applying to jobs and searching Craig’s lists like a mad woman.

Colton gets baptized!
My little brother Colton who is growing up so fast just got baptized on Sunday the 20th of March and we were lucky enough to be there for the event! It was so wonderful seeing my dad baptizing my little brother J & and seeing my husband help out with the confirmation! I loved it. He is getting so big and is such a funny kid. He is always making me laugh! Colton I miss you!

Braydon was sick all weekend and last week, it was horrible. He had a bad fever, sore throat, and the chills. He was so cute bundled up in bed I just had to get a picture!

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