Thursday, April 14, 2011

my mom.

Happy Birthday! I just want you to know how wonderful of a person you are. I hope that you had a good day and know how much we all love you! You are so sweet and care so much about everyone, you have a big heart. I love that about you, & I really try to be like that. You are so smart and handy and I swear you know how to do everything and more. Like super woman’s twin sister or somethingJ You are a beautiful mother and I think that a lot when I look at you. Thank you sooooo much for everything you do for me and for Braydon and all of our family.  We appreciate it so much! Thanks for always being there and for being so easy to talk to and understanding. I Yyou sooo much!!! Happy late birthday again! You are a blessing in all our lives.

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  1. happy birthday elaine, i hope you have a fabulous day!! and i agree with nicole, you do know how to do pretty much everything:) you could definetly compete for the super woman title:) xoxo