Thursday, April 14, 2011


Come back.

We had sooo much fun this last week! We were lucky enough to be able to take a little road trip down to Utah to go mt biking in Moab and then back to park city for a little spring skiing and to celebrate my moms birthday!

& on the way down Braydon got a little toy he has been dying to have!
He finally got to buy his camera! I've got to admit it is pretty sweet! It takes amazing pictures and shoots video in HD. 

I am so happy that he loves taking pictures and video because they are so fun to have! He is always making little videos of our trips and fun adventures and I love it! So thanks babe. J

                                                              Our first camping spot! 

                       If you cant tell from the picture, I am in the trunk. yes we slept in the trunk the first night :) The camper Kia as Braydon calls it, worked out quite nicely! haha We were nice and warm and got to cuddle all night.
                                            Camping spot #2 Was perfect! So much room, and sand and sun! we had our own fire-pit and table and a nice sandy spot for our tent! which didn't turn out quite as soft as we had imagined, but since when is camping very comfy anyways?
                                                          Hanging out in the tent!
                                                    fire & smores, yum yum!
                                                                            I spy... us:)
                                                              @ Gemini Bridges... soo amazing!
this is us. eating on the side of the road... we love this setup and i think we are going to now cook on the side of the road on every road trip! hot fresh meal comin right yes please! 

The weather was beyond perfect that week! It felt so good to be in the sun again for a little bit!
It was also my first time riding my bwith clips....Needless to say I have quite a few bruises on my scratched up legs! Not to mislead you into thinking I am a rad mt biker, No…. I just seemed to slowwwwly tip over whenever I stopped. Haha It was funny but frustrating too! Braydon was sweet though and kept trying to help me learn all the techniques to biking, im so lucky to have him teach me because he is soooo dang good. He is the best. (he disagrees with that, but he is!)

We biked with a big group of people from Boise and had such a great time! Our favorite trail was slick rock. We only rode two days, all day and we were DEAD tired!

Here is a little video of our day at park city! Braydon rocks it like always and then there is me… hahaha don’t laugh too hard. I know my tricks are, well lame. & as colton puts it.. “ HA, you cant even do a 360??” ….but HEY im trying right?? I know I need to man up and do something cooler but im just a little scared.

Moab+MtBiking+Skiing+lots of sun= :)


  1. you two are so cute and perfect for each other! i love watching your videos. you two are really going to be happy you made them in years to come:)i love you guys! hug and kiss brayd for me, i am sad he has been so sick...that is sad:(

  2. AH nicole i had no idea you had this!!!!!!!!! I just spent the last half hour reading all your post :) and i loved it! So sad you two will be leaving boise, but im so excited for you california adventure! your spring break sounds amazing!! lets go camping.