Thursday, June 16, 2011

new lens:)

Braydon loves his camera. He just got a new lens for it, one he has been wanting for a while! It is a 50mm, mostly used for portraits and creating depth. We are still trying to figure it out... but we took it out one night and tested it out....actually these shots I am putting up are not a very good example of its true capability because we were just messing around.. but here they are anyways! :)

                           these are really blurry, we took a picture of our reflection off the window

Braydon loves making this face, and every time I freak out because it seriously is so scary looking. I don't like it. so I tried to do it back to freak him out..... it worked even better than I thought!

              this face is actually pretty hard to pull so ill give him credit for that!


  1. ok, i love the face you made trying to copy him:) It made me smile and it looks quite similar to brayds, although, you look cuter!:) LOVE IT!!

  2. haha you guys are awesome!! why didn't we ever hang out when you lived in Boise? dumb

  3. Ok I'm gettin a little scared!