Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Made it to California!

We are finally here! living in tracy california for the summer, we are excited to be here and so far things are going really well! :) here are some pictures of our drive down... it was long but lots of pretty things on the way

1st stop the Bonneville Salt Flats

(I had no idea what to expect... The Salt Flat's were beautiful!)

It had rained that week so there was about 5 in of water 

I just love this one!
(hes so hott)

2nd stop Lake Tahoe:)
This was my first time here, Braydon showed me around & it is beautiful! Our plan is that you will be seeing some more pics of this place before the summer is over of Brayd+me+our mt bikes!

San Fran
We decided to go on a quick night trip to san francisco last week, it was a lot of fun! 
We couldn't believe how crazy steep the roads are!

We rode our bikes down Lombard Street & and all over pier 39, which was a lot of fun its like a little carnival all year long :) we got some dinner and watched the sea lions for a little bit too long. and then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. 

& even tho we lost a $20 bill, went thru the wrong booth at the toll road (ending in a ticket which braydon went back and took care of) & I was a little grouchy, it was still a fun trip! :) 

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