Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oakland Temple

We were lucky enough to go to the Oakland Temple this morning. What a beautiful place! It is way up on the hill, and has the most gorgeous temple grounds. The fountain isn't running in this picture but when we left they turned them both on and it was so pretty! and it ran down the middle as well through all the rocks. 

I love going to the temple. I love the spirit that is there and the calming feeling I get every time... We are so lucky to have somewhere as sacred as this to "get away" from everything. & being able to go with Braydon makes it even that much better!  We are also hoping to make it to the Sacramento Temple while we are here as well. It is fun seeing all the different Temples, & now I can finally go inside!!! :)

Fact: There was no angel Moroni on this Temple... Braydon said he was still sleeping or too cold I cant remember, (we were there early) BUT I just looked it up and its one of the 8 temples in the world that doesn't have and angel on top. Interesting....

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  1. how fun!!! i love going to the temple too!! my husband helped build the sacramento temple on his mission. it is such a pretty temple!! you will love it!!